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3D Reconstruction

Visual checking system for applying conductive paste when manufacturing SMD devices

The system uses the stereofotogrammetric measuring principle. In the basic configuration, there is a projection unit and camera located in optical module. The projection unit projects a strip-pattern under certain angle to the droplet applied on planar baseplate. The camera scans the scene under different angle. The reconstruction is performed by detecting the projected strips from the scanned image, resulting in a 3D map of droplet's surface. Based on this measurement, the CVS900 system figures out the volume and surface of the applied droplet.


  • Measuring volume of small droplets.
  • Measuring surface of small droplets.

Technical parameters

  • Baseplate dimensions from 1.2 × 1.05 mm to 5.6 × 4.5 mm.
  • Droplet volume from 0.01 mm3 to 1.4 mm3.
  • Processing speed 40 samples/sec.