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Machine Package Reading


UniscanCODEREADER is a mobile device for optical reading of an identification code of a package and for subsequent automatic sorting to the corresponding pallet. Typical use would be in warehouses during loading or unloading goods to or from trucks etc. Warehouse operators therefore have information about incoming and outgoing goods available. Unloaded / loaded packages are equipped with tags with numeric identification codes. These codes also provide information about corresponding pallets. The device is suitable for packages tagged with numeric, bar or QR codes.




  • Camera with high resolution of up to 15 Mpx used for tag detection
  • Three 24“ Full HD monitors with wide viewing angles
  • Storing of information about particular unloadings of incoming goods
  • Automatic package sorting and pallet capacity check
  • Battery powered
  • Equipped with an illumination unit
  • Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Export of data for further processing
  • SW customization based on customer’s needs

Package Information

  • Tag image
  • Read code for warehouse
  • Corresponding pallet information
  • No. of packages with different codes
  • Incoming and outgoing package statisctics
  • More information based on customer’s needs


  • Numeric, bar and QR code reading
  • Increase in package sorting effeciency to corresponding pallets when unloading / loading goods


  • DHL-SK