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Cross-platform SW framework

The main purpose of this software framework is to provide sources for designing, coding and compiling various software applications without necessity of care about target platform specifics. Such a designed application can be then ported to (or recompiled for) an arbitrary supported platform without any external intervention.

The cross-platform framework makes application development easier because it can screens developer out from system specifics (i.e. OS services). As well, it can spare developer’s necessity to completely understand those OS’s sources and adapt code and whole projects (over and over) for different compilers and OSs.

The programming language the framework is coded with is well-known C++. Its advantage is relatively low level of programming (for computational power demanding apps) and also support for object programming – it results in code which can be better held as a big project, maintained or fixed. As well C/C++ is very well supported in embedded devices and OSs.